2022 LoveScope Sagittarius

Horoscopes for 2022, with a focus on love, sex, relationships, and romance: Sagittarius

Eros was the sensual love deity. The asteroid Eros’s position in our horoscopes indicates our passion and erotic turn-ons. Mars represents how we pursue our desires, particularly the methods in which we display our sexuality. Venus demonstrates some of the key “my todays horoscope” and foreplay that help us get in the mood for sex. While the locations of these planets and cosmic bodies remain constant in our natal charts, their positions in the cosmos are constantly shifting, activating houses and hotspots in our natal charts.

Because we are only interested in the Sun sign or Ascendant and how these sexual cosmic bodies are currently affecting the natal chart, the horoscopes provided here are inherently general.

 Keep in mind that these horoscopes are more accurate for the Ascendant sign, so if you know it, read them first for the sign of your Ascendant and then for the sign of your Sun.


Dear Sagittarius, 2022 will bring you pleasant social contacts, several opportunities to study and enhance your talents, and a shift in your attitude about money and income. For the most part, you’ll be content with your relationships this year. In other words, we don’t anticipate any dramatic breakups or fresh starts.

Mercury oversees your partnership sector, so Mercury retrograde periods are significant for you in terms of extensive partnerships. Relationships may appear stuck or even going backward during these periods, and a partner may appear aloof. This year, instead of the standard three, Mercury will retrograde four times: January 11th-February 1st, May 7th-30th, September 7th-29th, and December 26th-January 15th, 2022.

Another retrograde influences your love life in 2009, this time focusing on your casual love affairs. This occurs during Venus’s retrograde period in your romantic sector, which lasts from March 6 to April 11. This is a moment when you or a partner may be reconsidering a romantic relationship. Sometimes it denotes a return to the past–for example, a former love may reappear.

Another retrograde, Mars, affects your romance from December 20 to the end of the year, from December 20 to 2010. Mars oversees your romance area, so you may feel like you’re going backward.

Overall, as you can see, the year will be full of backtracking, reviewing, and rethinking in the love department for you. However, romance picks up steam from April 24 to May 31. This is a powerful time in your romantic life. This may not be as grand if you are in a committed relationship while Mercury is retrograde from May 7 to May 30. However, the majority of you will have a great time. In your romance area, both Venus and Mars keep things lively, erotic, and stimulating.

Friendships begin to be tested around the end of the year, especially for Sagittarians born early in the sign (November 22-27). This “clean-up” is only getting started and will take several years. It is intended to screen out superficial friendships while strengthening those that matter.

Eros, the god of sensual love, rules your sign at the start of the year. This is valid till January 17. Your powers of attraction are very strong right now, but they are more focused on you going after what you want rather than waiting for things to come to you. During this period, sexual activity may be more frequent than usual. You have a passionate approach in general.

As previously said, between April 24 and May 31, both Venus and Mars are in your romance sector, heating a love affair. During this time, some Sagittarians will meet someone, and those currently in a relationship will discover that the Venus-Mars conjunction is an excellent time to spice things up.

Key Periods in 2022:

February 3–March 5 is a fun, joyful, and magnetic time for love, especially casual love encounters. Your magnetic abilities are pretty strong, and love finds you rather than you searching for it.

Venus is retrograde from March 6 to April 17. Because Venus is retrograde in your romance sector from March 6-April 11, love affairs may appear static or perhaps moving backward, and a lover may appear distant. Maintain a low profile, assess your connections, and consider enhancing them, but don’t make any huge decisions during this period.

April 24-June 6 is a fun, joyful, and magnetic time for love, especially casual love encounters. Your magnetic abilities are pretty strong, and love finds you rather than you searching for it. Love is on the move again, especially between April 24 and May 31.

Indeed, April 22-May 31 is a season when your powers of attraction are at their peak, especially if you are playing a more assertive and extroverted role.

A love opportunity arrives close to home in the days leading up to April 21–seize it!

July 12-August 25 is a time of fireworks for partnerships–sometimes exciting, but it may feel like an open battle for some! It’s much better when Venus is also in your partnership sector from July 5 to August 1. It’s an excellent time for collaboration, possibly the greatest of the year. Prepare to spice up a close friendship.

Venus is in your sign from December 1 to December 25. This is a period when the rest of the world appears to be speaking, or at least recognizing your “love language.” It’s an excellent time to attract people, turn on the charm, and gain positive responses from partners or love interests. Love appears to come to you without your having to pursue it.

Mars, your romance sector ruler, is retrograde from December 20, 2022, to March 10, 2022, signifying a review period of love affairs.