Characteristics of Two Stone Engagement Ring in Dallas, Texas

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Engagement rings come in many shapes and kinds. Since women have different personalities, engagement rings are available in many varieties too.Engagement is a very important event in a couples’ life therefore everything in it should be special especially the ring of course. Engagement rings should impress the woman you love and should be good enough for her to say yes. Most engagement rings have one stone on it but if you can have more then why not!  Two stone engagement rings will be a good choice to make your engagement ring special.


Advantages of 2 Stone Engagement Ring

Unique Designs

Having Two stones on an engagement ring can make you have more ideas on how to customize it. You can opt to have two same size stones on your center stone or different sizes will also be fine.  You also combine two different shapes to make your ring more unique. Apart from the two center stones you can even add small stones on the shank to make it more glamorous.

Different Metals and Settings

Metals  such as rose gold, platinum or yellow gold can be used for two stone engagement rings. Since the gems or diamonds you will be using will vary from different shades and colors, you can choose metals that  match your gems. For the Settings they can also vary such as:


  • Two Stone Engagement Rings Antique

Antique designs are loved by some women and creating a two stone engagement ring with a vintage design will be a good idea. Since antiques are known to have shiny stones and engravings. Choose a jewelry shop who has a skilled jeweler who can put details on your antique two stone ring.


  • Oval Engagement Rings with 2 Side Stones

Oval cut center stones have become popular because of its lengthening effect when worn on the finger. However, it is not only being used as center stone but also as side stones since this can also enhance the beauty of your center stone.


  • Two Stone Solitaire Diamond Ring

Using a solitaire setting o a two stone diamond can make the stone stand out since it is protruding making it more prominent when worn. Solitaire is one of the most commonly used on diamond rings since it makes the diamond sparkle more because it’s more exposed.  Having two stones instead of one , the sparkle is then doubled.


4C’s for Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring


The two stones on your ring can look better if the shapes are the same, triangle and round are the most common cut for two stone rings. However, if you can find a skilled cutter then you can opt for other shapes especially ones that your partner loves.


The carats of the stones on two stone diamond engagement rings will tell the price of your ring. The good thing about two stone rings is you can total the carats of both stones and that’s the price you have to pay. You can have the two stones cut into two equal carats. Stones accessories can also be added on the overall carats of the stones used in your ring.


When choosing a color for your 2 stone diamond engagement ring , you can opt to choose two different colors just to make sure that their shades are close to each other. Other colors that are not in contracts can also be a good option if you will be using other gemstones instead of diamond.


When it comes to clarity, choose a grade that is also close to each other to avoid contrast. For diamonds SI1-I2 is a good choice when choosing stones for your two stone engagement ring setting.


So guys who want something different  can choose a two stone engagement ring  in Dallas. They are made available, so they can choose this option for their engagement ring. Just make sure to consider the guidelines given in choosing the best two stone engagement ring for your partner. Make her happy by choosing what fits her personality, no one knows her better than you do. But jewelers can assist you to  make your ideal ring into reality, choose someone who is willing to discuss with you the details of the ring you want.

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