How a Tech Media Agency Earned 2-3X the Inbound Leads with MIG’s Content Services

Sometimes, even companies providing content expertise for their own clients lose sight of doing the very same for themselves.

That’s the predicament this Marketing Insider Group client was facing. A marketing services agency providing lead generation and custom content for technology companies, they knew the important role content plays in driving website traffic, leads, and ultimately new business.

Still, due to bandwidth limitations, they had never been able to execute a consistent content strategy for their business. Their leads were being driven by piecemeal tactics, and while many of them were successful, this approach wasn’t allowing them to reach their full potential.

How a Tech Media Agency Earned 2-3X the Inbound Leads with MIG’s Content Services

As the agency looked ahead at their goals to scale up the business, they knew they needed a new kind of support.

After partnering with Marketing Insider Group in early 2022, this client was able to surge ahead of their competitors, boost the number of inbound leads they generated, and earn hundreds of top-ranking keywords.

Let’s explore their journey in greater detail to learn exactly how they achieved these results.

The Problem: Random Acts of Marketing

Prior to engaging with Marketing Insider Group, this client was already delivering awesome content for their own clients. They were no stranger to what great content looked like and how to create it.

The thing was, they were growing. Historically focused on IT companies, they were branching out to other areas of the industry like data science and HR tech. They needed to scale, which meant shifting from their high-touch outbound prospecting activities to a more consistent and automated way of generating inbound leads.

“We were doing what a lot of people affectionately refer to as random acts of marketing,” shared one of the client’s marketing leaders in a recent conversation.

“We would support one single initiative and do some marketing around that. Then we would create sales enablement material and do a push around a new product. But one thing we have never done successfully ourselves is continuously executing one marketing activity over a long period of time to build momentum and generate inbound leads.”

That needed to change if the agency was going to scale successfully. Still, they had reservations about whether or not an outside writer or content team could capture their message.

“It’s challenging enough for us to write about our company ourselves, and we understand the business really well. Our reservation was about whether anyone else could do it. Writing an article that ranks is hard on its own, but to write something that wouldn’t be embarrassing when clients see it — I wasn’t sure anyone else could do it.”

During that time, their team saw Michael present about content marketing at an industry event. While their concerns lingered, his talk made them think it was maybe time to take the leap.

“There are a lot of companies out there that claim to do something similar, but they don’t have the experts. There’s cheap labor and AI, but not real expertise. When I heard Michael speak, I was convinced he understood [content marketing] on a deep level.”

The Solution: Close Collaboration and Consistent Content

The onboarding period is a key part of the Marketing Insider Group process — it’s what lays the foundation for everything else. During this time, the MIG and client teams work together to create briefing materials, perform keyword research, develop an extensive list of blog titles, and getting the actual writing and publishing schedule underway.

This client found onboarding surprisingly seamless:

“The writers have taken feedback even better and applied it in a more nuanced way than I expected. The initial ramp-up period was work, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it happened — in just a couple of weeks.”

The client did their part too. As content was delivered, they published it consistently to their blog so that performance tracking could begin.

“It would have taken me quite a while to get to the point of understanding [the metrics] you guys track,” shared one of our client’s key leaders. “The position tracking and visibility tracking — they’re some of the most helpful things we can track when we’re thinking about the actual end goal. I probably would have been tracking some vanity metrics that don’t matter instead of those, so it was a huge help, and now other clients we work with find these metrics valuable.”

The Result: Big Ranking Gains and More Inbound Leads

In less than one year, the client has climbed the rankings on Google, earning more than 200 ranking keywords — 10+ in the top 5, 50+ in the top 10, and 100+ in the top 20. They’ve surged ahead of their four biggest competitors in online search visibility — going from the last-ranked to top-ranked position since working with Marketing Insider Group.

Most importantly, they’re gaining 2-3X the amount of inbound leads — and they’re coming directly from new blog posts.

“Our data shows that the flow of inbound leads is coming from the blog articles”, our client shared. “So [buyers] come from a blog article to a product page, then inquire about talking to our salespeople. That wasn’t happening at all before. The volume of inbound leads is now double or triple at this point, what it was before we started.”

Looking for results like these?

Marketing Insider Group’s content strategy has worked for clients in countless industries and uses best practices that have been tested and proven to work. We align them with the specific needs of every client and their audience to create a personalized strategy that drives results.

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