Is email marketing still in trend or is it dead?

Email marketing is an essential method for marketing; it is an act of sending mails to the group of people, in the form of exclusive offers, promotion, notifications, and marketing mails and so on. 

Technology is changing customer behavior which affects the marketing strategies, marketing plan, and marketing method too. Email Marketing is one of them.

Previously when we talk about advertising agencies or marketing agency they were very few in the market that were doing marketing or promotion activities for the business. 

But when we talk about the current situation there are many ways to promote the business and generate leads.

 Earlier days only newspapers, TV channels or pamphlets and group discussion were major ways to promote the business. But as the technology improved and internet users became more, the time, television, online e-newspaper and other sort of techniques came into the picture. Slowly business started getting online; people started taking interest in social media sites.

As people start getting engaged on social media sites all users get connected more online. It creates a lot of ways to do marketing in social media like (Facebook, Quora, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin). Now we have multiple ways to target our customers to promote the business online.

When email marketing becomes so trendy for professional communication, it becomes one of the best tools to connect with business owners to communicate easily and share business proposals. 

Email can be used for several purposes such as Notification, reminders, security updates, promotion offers and also to share informative content as well. The best and easy way to connect with C- level people is through email communication.

Its proven record that emails marketing is not yet dead. Email is still required to any kind of business to communicate for our product or service. Here I am going to discuss a few facts which will make us understand that email marketing is still in the market and it’s not yet dead.

Smartphone Trend:

In all sectors whether it is the food industry, supply chain system in logistics, Electronics, E-commerce, apparel smartphone is trendier and more popular in the market. It’s playing a very important role to give X growth of any industry. 

If you have a smartphone then the whole world is in your hands. You can do everything at your fingertips sitting in one place. Smartphones do a better boost up in the business Era.

Email is one of them where people start getting engaged more on smartphones. The percentage of smartphone users are when compared to desktop users. Earlier times people were using basic handsets to just communicate and message there was no option to do anything apart from these two, but now it’s not the same. 

People can talk, chat, shop and do much more. People’s priority is to purchase a smartphone and use multiple apps, social media for taking photos of special moments whereas most of the apps are required to sign up and provide email id or mobile number by default so that it emails marketing to be in live status. 

It’s been observed that the open rate has become more when the smartphone trend started. 

Result Oriented:

Emails are always been more effective, result oriented tool when it comes to generating business leads or sending the business proposal to any of the company or business owners. Moreover, we are living in a digital world. 

We had learned a few things in our school days about computers, how to operate, How to use the Paint tool, M S Office and how to send emails to anyone.

 There are so many innovations happening but no innovation can replace the trend of emails. People still allow us to send an email or they asked to drop an email for business proofread. Email is the best way to generate more traffic and leads immediately.


If you are doing email marketing campaigns for your business then you can analyses your strategy full or in other words, you can track the entire marketing process which you have created for the campaign. If you run a campaign correctly then it can produce a better result than any other marketing tool. 

Email marketing can give you instant lead generation. Whenever you shoot any mail campaign then you can track each segment of your marketing tactics such as open rate, click rate and bounce rate.

 How many people subscribe to your notification loop which you have created and the best part of email marketing is that you can add many calls to action method in a single mail that can complete at one shot.


Email Marketing has so many advantages to promote and improve your business. It can boost up immediately. Personalization is one of them. You can edit your mail templates based on the requirement and expectation of your target audience. There is plenty of software available in the market which can help you reduce your work time for email marketing.

Nowadays, Most of the product and service companies target their existing customers for cross-selling & reselling of their product or service. For every 10 min people check their smartphones for notification so this indicates that we have a huge scope for email marketing.

So, by this I can say that email marketing still has a value and it is not dead. It’s just due to so many channels being available in the internet space for promoting our business. So we have to be a bit smart while doing email marketing and still we can generate amazing results in terms of brand awareness, lead generation to improve our CTR.


Hope i have covered all possible information about email marketing and given the proof that email marketing is not dead. If you still have any queries or concerns please write a comment below will try to clear all your doubts.

Author Bio

Hari Kishan is a digital marketer by profession. The Company he works has a subsidiary company kapsytstem and has three child companies Arishna Data Communication, Arishna Digital Marketing, Kap Call Center, He loves blogging, designing and writing some business related topics. Apart from that he travels and explores the world when he gets time.