Residence permit for work reasons: everything you need to know

the residence permit is the document with which a foreign citizen asks to be legally allowed to stay on the territory of the Italian State. It must be requested by all non-European citizens and stateless persons, i.e. those who do not have a nationality, within 8 working days from the date of entry into Italy. There are various types of residence permits including those required for work.


When a foreigner enters Italy for work reasons he will have to apply for the relevant residence permit. Entry takes place on the basis of the quotas established by the Government with the flows decree. This decree provides that foreign citizens from countries that are not part of the EU may enter Italy for reasons of self-employed and seasonal work, upon release of the document by the police headquarters of the province in which the foreigner is located after the signing of the contract. stay for work As far as the duration of the document is concerned, it depends on the employment contract but in general it cannot exceed: 9 months for one or more seasonal employment contracts; 1 year for fixed-term employment contracts; 2 years for permanent employment contracts and for residence permits for self-employment.


A residence permit is obtained if you have an entry visa, the regularity of the entry that is established by the Consolidation Act on immigration and the presentation of the residence permit request within 8 working days of entry. When it comes to self-employment, the foreigner must also demonstrate that he has a suitable home, through a contract for the purchase or lease of a property. It must also possess all the resources necessary for the exercise of the activity that it intends to start in Italy.

 The declared annual income must come from lawful sources whose amount is higher than the minimum level required by law for exemption from participation in healthcare expenditure; Vice versa, in the case of subordinate and seasonal work, the issue of the residence permit is obtained if the foreigner has had a go-ahead from the employer; if he is the signer of the residence contract which includes the availability of accommodation for the worker and the commitment by the employer of the travel costs for the return of the worker to his country of origin. Who to contact for a work permit? By now the procedure has become simpler. To request a residence permit for work reasons, you can go to post offices, municipalities and authorized patronages, as well as to an Immigration lawyer Italy.