Domo Everywhere Leading the Way in Embedded Analytics

Domo was named a leader in a new, independent report from Nucleus Research. The 2022 report on Embedded Analytics recognized Domo Everywhere as a product leader with momentum to continue to expand the embedded analytics market. We’re honored to have our hard work in the space recognized and are excited about the future of embedded analytics and how Domo Everywhere allows customers to build, distribute, and even monetize their data.

For the report, Nucleus Research analyzed technology products that allow companies to embed analytic data within other software tools. They built the report based on conversations with end-users, analysis of the most recently released capabilities from vendors in the market, and calculations on the value of future investments from the vendors in this space.

Embedded analytics technology is growing quickly and changing rapidly. By continuing to innovate, Domo Everywhere stands out from the crowd in a big way. While the embedded analytics tools analyzed for the report all streamline operational workflows, enabling users to use data right as they are working rather than toggling between tabs and applications to get the information they need, Domo Everywhere takes these capabilities even further.

In the past, embedded analytics often just meant a static dashboard that was a single snapshot of a moment in time. While some vendors are moving toward real-time dashboards shared across applications, end users are increasingly finding they need their data to do more. Customers need to be able to share data with employees and external partners in a way that fits into their customized workflows and allows them to interact with the data, building out custom reports and driving their own insights and actions based on their data. And they need to be able to do it right where they’re working.

Domo Everywhere not only makes this possible, but it also makes it easy, enabling Domo customers to create and distribute custom data apps they can share across their organization and with their own customers. With Domo Everywhere, companies can easily bring data right where their employees and external partners are working, ensuring everyone on the team has access to the data they need, right when and where they need it.

Domo Everywhere was named a leader because of Domo’s capability to connect a company’s data sources and become a single source of analytic truth. And Domo enables customers to easily scale their data and embedded analytics, quickly adding new sources or expanding to new users with just a few clicks. This helps Domo customers unlock new revenue by productizing their data for their customers. And Domo unlocks data sharing, allowing non-technical users to build custom data apps and share impactful data insights right where people need them.

With its accessible toolset, Domo makes it easy to deliver targeted data that is optimized to seamlessly embed into workflows. It’s more than sharing dashboards, it’s about optimizing data as a product and creating new revenue streams for companies distributing their data products to their customers.

This report continues to highlight the work we’re doing to provide the most comprehensive end-to-end data platform on the market. We’re excited about the future of embedded analytics and will continue to provide our customers with the innovative tools and solutions they need to get real value from their data.

To get the full 2022 Nucleus Research Embedded Analytics Technology Value Matrix, click here. To learn more about Domo Everywhere, check out these resources.

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