NeNe Leakes Gave Update On Health Of Son Brentt Two Months After Stroke

Just in time to celebrate the holidays, NeNe Leakes provided a positive health report on son Brentt Leakes.

The twenty-three-year-old owner of the club is relearning how to stand after experiencing a stroke on September 26. The erstwhile “Real Housewives of Atlanta” actress, revealed this on her Stories on Instagram on Wednesday.

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In one of the videos by NeNe Leakes, Brentt can be seen walking a short distance down a hospital corridor while wearing a bright pink jump suit. He can see nurses as well as NeNe Leakes applauding from where he is.

NeNe Leakes, the proud mom added that she is very happy for the brave son. She told that this is very amazing.

NeNe noted that Brentt is “walking out” despite being hospitalized just 2 months prior, suggesting that he had recently been released from the hospital.

NeNe Leakes Updates On Her Son’s health:

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NeNe Leakes also shared a video of Brentt taking baby steps on a treadmill while wearing a device that kept him upright, providing an insight into what Brentt’s recuperation truly looked like.

In a another video, he could be seen walking backwards and using a walking aid while throwing a ball and practicing co ordination of the hands and eye.

NeNe confirmed at the beginning of October that her kid had experienced congestive failure of heart and a stroke” and had been taken to the hospital immediately.

She said that at the moment, medical professionals were still trying to determine why Brentt had such health problems at an early age. The erstwhile Bravolebrity claimed that his weight was not a cause for worry, though.

At the moment, NeNe said that physicians told her that others who’ve had the Delta type of the illness had reported having similar problems. “They were wondering that perhaps he had gotten COVID and perhaps he didn’t realize that he had COVID,” she added.

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