The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

mobius strip

A huge thank you to Dr Mobius.

For those not familiar with this strip it is technically a 1 dimensional surface (a mathematical construct) not a 2 D object. To make your own simply take a strip of paper, put a half twist into it, and then tape or glue the ends together.

Trace around one edge and you will find your finger moves from inside to outside. The same thing happens when you follow a surface. This is why many conveyor belts have a half twist in them, it ensures that wear is even on both sides.

There are many cool things about the Mobius strip but here is one that is really cool. Draw a line down the middle of the surface and then cut along it. You will find that you still have a strip but you have introduced an extra 2 half twists so there are now 3. The strip thus retains all of its original properties.

So what? The strip is a great metaphor for the dissemination of knowledge. The more you spread it around you find that it does not lose its value and you, the source, might even increase yours.

Keep it to yourself and the knowledge has no value although you might increase your ego.

Think about it, sharing is good, and don’t forget to look up all the cool things you can do with a Mobius strip.

Let’s make your knowledge work for you …

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