What is a Parked Domain? A Beginner’s Guide

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A Domain name is the first thing you need when setting up a website, regardless of its type and purpose. But is it possible to buy a domain name without having a website? Well, yes!

Parked domains are basically domain names that are registered but are not linked to any website. It means they are yet to be used for a suitable website with domain. Again, what makes people park or register the domain names in advance? Let’s find out in the blog!

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about parked domains, including their purpose and uses. Keep reading!

What is a Parked Domain?

As the name suggests, a parked domain is a domain name that is purchased or registered but not yet assigned to any website. In other terms, it is a registered domain name that is saved for future use. 

Further, when you perform a domain name search for a parked domain, it will not point to any website. Instead, it directs the users to the same or other pages or no web page at all; you will find an error message in the latter case — “This site can’t be reached”.

Usually, domain parking is a common practice people follow when they have some desired domain names in mind and don’t want them to be stolen or used by someone else. So, even before building a website, they register this domain name with any domain registrar of their choice. 

Reasons to Have Parked Domain Names

Why would someone buy a domain name without having a website? Here is your answer:

  • To Save a Desired Domain Name

If you have ever secured a domain name, you probably already know how difficult it is to get the same domain you have thought of. Most of the time, we find that our desired domain name is already taken. Thus, we have to make a compromise. This situation can be avoided by registering or parking a domain name as soon as it clicks into your mind. Once parked, you can use it later for your website. 

  • To Use it As a Secondary Domain

Many website owners use parked domains to use them as secondary domains to the same websites. For instance, someone with a domain name, example.com, may also get secondary domain names like example.org, example.co, yourexample.com, etc. 

  • To Make Money

Although it is not very common, some people use parked domains as a way to make some cash. Generally, they buy domains that are highly sought-after and sell them later to any business or individual at an impressive profit. 

How to Park Domains?

The process of parking a domain is no different from registering a normal domain. All you need to do is find the right domain registrar and check whether the name you want is available. 

If it is available, you can register domain NZ by paying the charges as you would do for normal domain registration. Moreover, if the name you have searched for is not available, then you can try looking for it with different extensions.


Parked domains can be very useful in the scenarios we have discussed in the blog. You can either keep them for later use or use them as an alternative to your existing domain name. They can also be used to earn profits by selling them at a higher price. 

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