What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Thankful For

What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Thankful For

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As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving Day this week, we can all look back at another unique year of opportunities, challenges, and changes in the B2B marketing landscape.

Despite the challenges we’ve all faced, we’ve grown, adapted, and overcome, and now is an ideal time to look back on those parts of our lives for which we’re the most thankful this holiday week.

In 2022 our team here at TopRank Marketing has continued to expand, and we’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on thankfulness in both our professional and personal lives, continuing our annual traditional post sharing messages of gratitude.

Our ability to see and express gratitude even in challenging times can be especially meaningful and even replenishing.

Let’s take a moment to open our hearts and take in sentiments of thankfulness from our team.

What the TopRank Marketing Team is Most Thankful for in 2022

Director of Search & Content Marketing
Jane Bartel
This year I’m celebrating five years with TopRank Marketing, and am grateful to continue working with a team who takes such pride in their work. We are focused on making content marketing more data-informed, and it’s been inspiring to see all the ways my colleagues contribute to that process, and the truly impressive results that it produces for our clients.

My husband and I welcomed our first child last December. She’s healthy and goofy, and has enforced a certain balance in my life that I’m thankful for (and almost adjusted to).

Director of Agency MarketingKatelyn Drake

I am beyond thankful that I’ve joined the smart, dedicated team at TopRank Marketing this year!

Personally, I am always thankful for family, friends that feel like family, and the entire village that surrounds me helping balance kiddos, work, life and my sanity (most of the time).

My Thanksgiving wish for all of us is that we find space to breathe, disconnect and enjoy the season!

Account ManagerDanielle Motley

Professional: The people. I’ve never worked at a company where the overall culture has been so positive and the people have been so friendly and kind.

Personal: I’m grateful that my personal passions are successfully evolving and my years of hard work are slowly but surely paying off.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing CoordinatorLaTanya Williams

I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with an incredible team of professionals at Top Rank Marketing. I can’t say enough about how amazing they are! I’m also thankful to have time to spend with my family and a chance to build new friendships in my personal and professional life.

Social Media and Content Marketing ManagerLane Ellis

2022 held many new wonders and delights, a few challenges, all coming together to form a year I’m extremely thankful for.

I’m especially grateful for my wonderful family, friends, and associates.

Celebrating 21 years of marriage with my amazing wife Julie Ahasay tops my thankfulness list, along with the continuing joy of having my parents Konnie and Bob in my life, as well as my astounding and always-inspiring 105-year-old grandma Lilly Haldorsen, who still lives in her own house and gets out often.

I’m grateful for nearly 39 years of using the Internet, and thankful to still be able to run and mountain bike the beautiful trails of Duluth. I’m grateful to have been able to set a new longest-known cross-country ski streak of 202 days in a row, and for our loving cats Kukla Francis Oliver Ahasay and our new kittens Twister Laszlo Ellis and Arlo Gurthie Ellis.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reach out and give the world and its endless opportunities a cozy wintery embrace, so here’s a big virtual hug to all of you I’m fortunate enough to know, lovely family and friends. Thank you.

Senior Account ManagerZack Armstrong

I’m thankful for the opportunity to join the TopRank team and am excited to grow personally and professionally within the organization in the coming years.

Content StrategistTheresa Meis

I am eternally thankful for the privilege of watching my children grow into two of the most creative, kind, and hilarious people I know.

Research Analyst

I am thankful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of marketing that TopRank Marketing has given me over the years and the opportunity to work with such a great team.

Senior Manager, Social & Influencer MarketingDebbie Friez

Health and wellness top my thank you list again this year. I have been lucky to avoid the ‘Rona, as have many in my family. But, I also know so many who have had health struggles, and I hope they know my thoughts are with them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to my TopRank Marketing team for all they do and for blessing me with the opportunity connect with amazing thought leaders. I get to learn from so many great minds and my world is better for it.

TopRank Marketing Gives Thanks For You

All of us at TopRank Marketing are grateful for you, and thank you for being the supportive fans, amazing clients, friends, and enthusiastic influencers that have allowed us to elevate B2B marketing and achieve personal, professional, and brand success.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The TopRank Marketing Team

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