Women In Revenue Lands Grant From Tiger Global Impact Ventures

Women in Revenue (WIR), a non-profit organization, received a grant from Tiger Global Impact Ventures (TGIV), a global tech investment firm, to promote gender equity in sales and marketing roles. The grant comes from TGIV’s Gender Equity in Tech Fund (T-GET), a $50 million commitment designed to increase access, inclusion, representation and parity for women across the technology ecosystem.

The grant aims to help WIR transform from an informal, volunteer-led community to an international player in workplace equity with dedicated leadership and strategic priorities. These changes will help WIR continue to advance its mission of driving career success for women in revenue-generating roles, while helping them build more dynamic and supportive cultures across companies.

“Our partnership with TGIV is a game changer,” said Deanna Ransom, Executive Director of Women in Revenue, in a statement. “We’ve been able to make our vision a reality more quickly and with greater impact than would have been possible. In today’s corporate environment, women need better resources, more visibility, increased transparency and equal mentorship. With these kinds of tools and supports, we’ve seen women negotiate better for themselves, stay longer in their roles and drive stronger outcomes for their companies.”

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