Are You On Clubhouse? | Small Biz Marketing

Are you in the club? And do you even need to be?

When Clubhouse launched a little more than a year ago, this audio-only, iPhone-only app quickly became the darling of Silicon Valley. Other communities followed and by December 2020 membership was by invitation only. Most members were limited to only a few invitations at a time as the developers tried to control the growth and not over-burden their servers.

This scarcity model made it a hot ticket. But, as the number of users increased and each user could invite people, it became easier to get a ticket to the party. The question is, did you really need a ticket?

As a business owner, I explored Clubhouse to see how it might fit in with my other marketing activities. I spent five months and gave it a fair shot. I followed interesting people and participated in quite a few conversations. I connected with people that I knew and made some new friends along the way. In February, I started hosting a weekly chat with Jennifer Denney of Elevated Marketing Solutions. While the conversations were great, we never really built momentum. Comparing notes with other small business owners, coaches, and consultants, that’s pretty common.

The other challenge is the disposable nature of the content. There is no recording so no ability to repurpose or re-use. For a content marketer, that is a bitter pill to swallow.

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